Picture perfect : Pre-requisites of a professional photographer

      In this day and age, photography is considered one of the most creative visual art forms. Today, almost everyone can click pictures and edit. But, to be a professional photographer, it is very important to embrace a keen eye, a sense of creativity, and technical potential. In the world of photography, it is so much more than a skill or talent.

Mark Denman rightly said “It’s not enough to just own a camera. Everyone owns a camera. To be a photographer, you must understand, appreciate, and harness the power you hold!”

Well, the basics of becoming a photographer isn’t that hard. The right set of skills, tools, and legitimate guidance can help you in becoming a professional photographer. And as mentioned here, https://somethingbluephotography.net/tucson-wedding-photography/ it is good to practice capturing emotions in the subjects. For example, a wedding photographer would capture the love and compassion between the couple. Capturing that beautiful bond will serve as a reminder for the love your couple felt on this day. 

It isn’t the fairy tale job you have always been thinking of, but rather has its own fair share of challenges. Before becoming a professional photographer, consider the list and check if you can be the one. 

Recognize Yourself 

Get to know yourself better about your likes and dislikes when it comes to clicking pictures. Do you like portraits, fashion, sports, wildlife, wedding, event, or some other photography genres? Albert Watson said “It doesn’t matter if you’re photographing a porter in a market in Marrakech or you’re photographing the king of Morocco. You have the same sympathetic approach to everybody. You are nice to everybody, basically.”

You can pursue any type of photography genres that you like and want to explore  as a professional photographer. The possibilities are countless. Recognizing your niche, it is half the fun. 

Educational Requirements: Technically, a degree isn’t required to be a professional photographer. However, a bachelor of arts in photography or a master of fine arts prepares you for the world of photography. It broadens your career options and polishes your skills even more. It includes art, business, and other courses to plump your education. Along with the educational degree, you also have an outstanding chance to learn about the theory and gain essential business-like experience.  

Equipment: A significant part of being a professional photographer is learning about the equipment. Just like an artist is incomplete without its tools, similarly, a professional photographer cannot perform anything without his photography equipment. The market is full of cameras and tools. You don’t want to spoil your skills because of not having the right toolbox. Before committing to any purchase, seek professional advice. 

Professional Experience as an Intern : Soon after, getting hold of the niche, an educational degree, and the right set of devices in your pocket, get professional experience as an assistant or an intern. Working as an assistant will give you exposure to the business world which you might not gain in your educational course. When setting forward, they may assign you with a photography project which in turn gives a chance to gain valuable technical skills and network building.

Set up a powerful portfolio 

A strong portfolio speaks a lot about you. It gives the viewer an idea about your abilities and potentials. After experiencing the business world and making professional contacts, you can show the customers your best work. The purpose of building a portfolio is to get the best projects in the industry. Whether you want to do portraits, events, or a commercial job a portfolio acts as a business card. 

Start making yourself a brand 

Before you start working as a professional photographer, you need to set up a business and make yourself a brand. Make your business licensed and organise the things such as your work schedule, record keeping, business accounts. Before taking up any project frame a contract which contains all the conditions so that you take the secure path without any complications. 

Build your USP 

USP is a unique selling proposition why people do business with you and other professionals in the industry. The market is full of photography professionals and experts. What is that one quality which makes you different from all your competitors in the market? This is a part of self- awareness which you need to explore and analyse on your own. Building your USP, finds your exclusive features which your competitors do not have.  The strongest USP on helps you only if you back it up with all the other actions that create a successful business.

Set your rates 

Create a price card to support yourself. You have to put in some time to decide the pricing per picture. See what your competitors are charging and what price can the market bear. Get the hang of the production cost, shipping charges and overhead. If you design your photography pricing quite high, you will have to convince your clients on the quality of your work to pay that heavy amount. Therefore, a systematic and standardized pricing can let you earn every single penny you are worth.  

Digital Presence

In today’s age, the digital presence decides the reach and the success rate of any business. Likewise, the digitization of a photography business  enables you to sell your business online. Having a website, blog and social media platform provides an area to post and promote your content regularly.The content you present is the introduction to the clients, customers, and business associates. Pictures posted on your social accounts will do a job of telling stories, conveying emotion, and selling products, finally, pocketing you with more business. 

Find Feedback 

Turning up as an excellent photographer needs feedback. They are always fruitful and reproducing. Put on some thick skin and look for feedback from your clients and work correspondingly. This valuable information will be used to make some important decisions and mandatory changes required to expand your business.  

Staying motivated and inspired is one of the chief ingredients that every artist in the world requires to keep moving and proceeding.It is far more important than a perfect equipment, perfect lighting, or a perfect tool. After all, if you are motivated you feel like practicing more and more with all hard work overcoming all the hurdles. 


Jonathan Rice

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