A Topic On Managed Print Services And How Businesses Benefit From It

Most businesses rely on printing so much that they often overlook the amount of money they spend on printing materials and equipment. This is where the managed print services like the expert managed print services providers Chicago come in to help businesses control their expenses in printing. MPS often begins with an assessment of the printing needs of the business. It includes the amount of paper consumed, the equipment used, and the volume of printing within a specific time. After the assessment, a plan is laid out for you; they will give you the best options in reducing cost while maintaining the printing efficiency. Some need to replace printing equipment like copiers, fax machines, printers, scanners, etc. There is new printing equipment that can scan, print, copy, and fax; this helps reduce power consumption. There are more benefits to MPS, here are a few more of them:

  1. Assess Printing Needs

Most businesses rely on their IT to assess the printing needs of their employees. But with an MPS, the results of the assessment are far more accurate and gives your IT to work on much more important tasks. They can also give you more options based on their experience with other businesses and their knowledge of printing needs. An MPS can assure you of the proper equipment needs of your business within the range of your budget.

  1. Rid Of Local Printers

A local printer is the one with a USB cable connected to a laptop or device to print documents. Local printers are sometimes inefficient and time costly, especially for businesses with large printing needs. Some also need special cartridges that are expensive and hard to track when auditing printing costs. Local printers can be replaced with remote printers that allow employees to print from their workstation with the use of a Bluetooth or wifi connection with the printer.

  1. Replace Equipment

To replace, both in the context to place in a different location and to change with another object or thing. First, an MPS can help you decide where each printing equipment is located in your office. This helps make your equipment accessible to all your employees. Second, managed print services can identify which old printers and slow working printing equipment need replacement to boost efficiency in printing and lessen the time consumed, waiting for the slow printing of documents.

  1. Regular Supply And Repair Maintenance

When you enter an MPS program, they often monitor your devices and automate shipment of printing materials. This helps maintain the printing productivity by cutting the downtime due to lack of printing materials. Not only do they focus on your printing materials but also the maintenance of your equipment. Some MPS often offer monthly or annual repairs or check-ups on printing equipment.

  1. Utilize Remote Printing

With new printing equipment that provides remote printing, your employees can print from their workstation through an online connection with your printer. Your employees won’t have to stand up and connect their laptops to the printer to print the documents needed.

Final Word

It’s important to teach your employees how to use office printers to avoid damages. Employees often rely on IT staff to troubleshoot printers, which makes it hard for them to focus on their job. You can also let them try the Xerox app gallery of Green Office Partner for easily downloadable apps designed for handling documents and data. Training your employees is also important for them to learn how to use and fix printers and can be an easy way to unchain your IT staff from constantly fixing jammed printers.

Jonathan Rice

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